Gastric Balloons ReShape and Orbera


Frequently Asked  Gastric Balloon Questions:

Dr. Marina Kurian is the first surgeon in the United States to be trained on the Orbera balloon. She is excited about adding the balloon to the armamentarium of weight loss methods that she offers. She also feels the Orbera is a great way to get people back on track for their life of health and well-being and off the path of obesity.

What is the balloon made of? Can I be allergic?

The balloon is made of silicone and it is very soft even when filled with saline. It is extremely unlikely that you can be allergic to it.

What is the expected weight loss?

With the gastric balloon, expect a weight loss of 30% of excess weight on average. Some people lose more and some people lose less. Speak with Dr Kurian regarding what you can expect.

What are some of the side effects?

Within a day or two of balloon placement, you can experience some nausea. Dr. Kurian will have certain medications prescribed for you to minimize this effect. Your appetite will be diminished. You may also experience a spasm type pain in your upper abdomen. Dr. Kurian will give you a medication to counter this symptom. Your diet will be liquids for the first week and then pureed and soft foods to ease into having the balloon in your stomach. Dr Kurian and her dietitian will have a protocol for you to follow.

Why do I have to have the balloon removed?

The balloon is a foreign body and cannot stay in your stomach forever. The studies show that after 6 months, the chance of infection increases substantially, putting you at risk for infection. The cost of the whole program includes balloon removal and the anesthesia associated with the second procedure. You CAN NOT keep a balloon for longer than 6 months.

Will I gain weight back once the balloon is out?

Dr. Kurian’s gastric balloon program for obesity management includes a year of dietary care. Following a dietary regimen as well as behavior modification with a more active lifestyle is necessary for longterm maintenance of weight lost. If you fall back into old habits or poor eating behavior, the weight can come back.

What kind of anesthesia will I need for the procedure?

For the initial endoscopy and placement of the balloon, intravenous sedation will be administered by an anesthesia professional. For the balloon removal, a short general anesthesia is used. Both placement and removal are generally under 30 minutes. You will need someone to take you home after placement and removal of the balloon.

Call Dr. Kurian for an appointment at (917) 261-2061 to take the next step! Be in control of your weight with expert help. The Orbera or intragastric balloon is a novel way for you to get rid of that excess weight and live the healthy life you deserve to lead.