Dr. Kurian offers general surgery in NY

Dr. Kurian was completely professional and really down-to-Earth. She continued to prove herself to be very confident and very caring. On the day of surgery she gave me a hug and words of encouragement. She held my hand when the iv was going and made sure I stayed laughing. The entire surgical staff was amazing. Everyone was warm and put me completely at ease.
Surgery patient
Any future patients of hers should know Dr. K is kind-hearted and very easy to speak to, so don’t be afraid to let her know exactly what you are feeling and thinking… Her surgical competence and bedside manner are beyond great.
Surgery patient

Quick Facts: General Surgery

  • Reflux/GERD treatment
  • Hernia repair
  • Gallbladder surgeries
  • Some surgeries covered by insurance

Learn More About General Surgery

Dr. Kurian is a board certified general surgeon with special training in laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery and bariatric surgery. She does laparoscopic incisional hernia, gallbladder, hiatal hernia and fundoplication surgeries. She also operates on lipomas and other masses or cysts on the extremities or trunk. General surgery is a broad field, and covers many clinical areas. You are welcome to contact Dr. Kurian to talk about a solution or suggestion for an issue where surgical treatment may be an option. She can help you understand the choices, including the benefits and risks or each path.