Support Groups

Bariatric surgery is a life-altering procedure that can provide many benefits to an individual’s health and quality of life. Unfortunately, this procedure also comes with a number of risks that must be managed properly in order to ensure the best possible outcome. For this reason, it is important if you’re considering, or have already undergone, bariatric surgery to take advantage of the emotional and practical encouragement provided by support groups.

Support groups can provide numerous benefits before and after your bariatric surgery. Before the procedure, they can help you understand the journey ahead and prepare you mentally and physically for what will follow. They can be your personal cheerleaders as you make dietary changes in preparation for surgery, help you practice behavior changes necessary for successful weight loss, and help create realistic expectations about the process and its outcomes.

Post Bariatric Surgery Support Groups

These groups are also beneficial during recovery from surgery as well: they can give you information on post-operative lifestyle changes, help you develop coping skills for dealing with weight loss plateaus, and offer resources on healthy nutrition habits. They can also encourage physical activity and exercise, and provide social activities that promote better mental health.

Beneficial Emotional Support

In addition to these tangible benefits, support groups are also invaluable sources of moral support. Dealing with dramatic lifestyle changes can be difficult both before and after bariatric surgery, so having access to a source of comfort in such times can be critical. Support groups offer a safe space where you can express your worries free from judgment or criticism.

The decision to get bariatric surgery is hard enough but can be even more stressful when friends and family offer their “two cents” on the procedure. Bariatric Support groups form a community that understands the unique challenges you face by considering or undergoing bariatric surgery. This understanding can reduce feelings of isolation as bariatric surgery patients move through their journey toward better health.

Support groups are essential tools for you if you’re considering or recovering from bariatric surgery. They provide practical advice along with comfort and validation in challenging times. These groups empower you with much-needed guidance while making you feel less alone with the decision to get bariatric surgery and the steps you’re taking to improve your physical well-being.

New York Minimally Invasive Surgery Support Group Meetings

We offer several different support groups for patients who have had surgery. These weight loss support groups are free of charge and open to any of our post-surgery patients. Support groups are generally held at 6:30 pm, at our Fifth Avenue office or by zoom. Please call for more information about our support groups and how they can help with your long-term success.

“Dr. Kurian has the best bed side manner. She was very detailed in every way. Was very nice with my family the day of the surgery and made sure everyone was well updated with my progress.

I love her hospital manner and she was very reassuring until the very end. My after care was just as great. She took time to make sure I was doing everything properly even when I had worries she keep me confident and inspired.

I would definitely give her a 100% as a person, doctor and an individual.”

A patient of Dr. Kurian

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