Revisions of previous weight loss surgery

When I came seeking a revision, the first thing Dr. K said to me, was “I remember you” and then when I told her how much I gained back she replied “you are still beautiful”. Worried about which option I was to do, she guided me thru the process to the BOB (band over bypass). She knew my weaknesses and my strengths, and gave me the information and knowledge to make a educated decision.

When my Mom objected, Dr. K spoke to her on the phone, answering all her questions. The night before my surgery, I spoke with Dr. K on the phone and she reassured me of my decision. Today, I am 4 months out from my revision, have restriction back and down over 40lbs, and I am 16lbs away from my goal.

Revision Patient

Quick Facts: Revisions

  • Counteract weight regain
  • Minimally invasive surgical or endoscopic procedures
  • Sometimes covered by insurance
  • Dr. Kurian has extensive experience in revisions and reoperation

Learn More About Revisions

Dr. Kurian works with patients for all kinds of revisional bariatric surgery after review of their medical history. She has had extensive experience in surgical revisions of gastric banding, gastric bypass as well endoscopic revisions of the gastric pouch.

Dr. Kurian will give you a thorough evaluation of the possible weight loss surgery revisions that are available to you, along with realistic expectations. She believes that your outcomes are a team approach and that the surgeon and dietitian should be seen frequently to maximize your success.

Additionally, if you are experiencing pain or vomiting after weight loss surgery, Dr. Kurian may be able to help you identify a cause and provide a solution.