Xeomin NYC

A Popular Botox Alternative With Great Results

A smiling woman in a field | Xeomin Treatments at NYMISXeomin in New York City is as easy as one, two … 11?

By this, we mean that Xeomin helps get rid of the “11 lines” — those two vertical lines that develop between our eyebrows as we age and as we wrinkle our foreheads while concentrating or experiencing some emotion.

Officially known as glabellar lines, it’s one of the human face’s many dynamic, fine lines and wrinkles, which appear over time as our facial muscles contract and relax, contract and relax, contract and relax …

Ultimately, these particular lines begin to look like the number 11. Some people call them frown lines, but they can develop with any and all facial expressions involving the eyebrows.

Want to get rid of them?

Then Xeomin in New York Minimally Invasive Surgery’s comfortable and welcoming clinics is your best bet.