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Procedures We Offer

Our work includes a wide range of bariatric and general surgery for weight loss options alongside dedicated follow-ups in our center for weight loss surgery to ensure patients have the resources they need to thrive.


    The sleeve (gastric sleeve, sleeve gastrectomy) is a minimally
    invasive procedure that removes a portion of the stomach.


    The roux-en-y bypass is a minimally invasive surgery that
    creates a smaller stomach and reroutes part of the


    This procedure involves a flexible ring placed around the
    upper portion of the stomach to create a small pouch.

  • BPD/DS

    Part of the stomach is removed and surgeons create a
    bypass of the intestines. Requires lifelong bloodwork


    Includes options for surgical revisions of gastric banding,
    gastric bypass, and endoscopic revisions of a gastric pouch


    Minimally invasive surgical treatment for gastroesophageal
    reflux disease (GERD). Patients with acid reflux may benefit.


    Nonsurgical body sculpting. Shrinks fat. Noninvasive. Does
    not involve any foreign material being placed into the body.


    We prescribe weight loss medications plus nutrition and
    lifestyle counseling for those who prefer noninvasive options.


    Endoscopic pouch reduction is a procedure that provides an
    option to counteract weight regain after bariatric surgery.


    The Orbera, a nonsurgical procedure, assists in weight loss
    with a device that’s placed in the stomach for six months.

Our Reviews

Review by Njeri Pollitt

Dr. Kurian and her staff are AMAZING! I have been . thinking about having WLS for about 10yrs. I was referred to Dr. Kurian and I am glad I was. Her and her staff helped me to understand the procedure and prepped me so well. I am now post op and still receiving the great care I received from the start of my journey.

Review by Yahaira Rodriguez

Thank you Dr.Kurian!! You are so caring and understanding, your staff is also very nice. I have lost 30 pounds in a month so far! You really changed my life, I feel awesome! Thank you again. God bless you!!

Review by Dann Francis

Dr. Kurian has always presented herself as a straight forward person whom does not sugar coat anything. I trust her expertise and knowledge to always strive for the right decision in my personal health and her staff has always proved to be professional and caring.

Are You A Surgery Candidate?

In general, bariatric surgery candidates should have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or higher, or a BMI of 30 or higher in combination with other obesity-related health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

You’ve Tried Everything Else–We Have Your Weight Loss Solution

There are a lot of reasons why our patients have gained the weight they have–do any of them sound like you? Working at a desk job all day and just too tired to get a workout in or it’s just easier to stop and get drive-through than come home after a long day and fix a meal.

We also hear how difficult it is to even start–and stick to–a weight-loss plan when results are nonexistent. It’s frustrating to diet, workout, and do everything you’re supposed to do to lose weight and still not get anywhere.

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Bariatric surgery was what helped them finally reach their healthy weight goals–and we think it could be the answer for you, too! As one of the top bariatric weight loss centers in New York City, we use minimally invasive surgery for weight loss procedures, including gastric sleeve treatments and other options.

Meet Dr. Kurian

Marina Kurian, MD has dedicated a significant part of her professional life to the treatment of obesity and making surgery less painful with minimally invasive techniques.

In addition to treating patients, Dr. Kurian has educated other surgeons in New York City and throughout the country, and has published numerous articles on minimally invasive surgery. In her practice, she offers numerous alternatives for morbidly obese individuals.

We’re here to support

You with your health goals.

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How Much Weight Can You Lose? A Lot!

It is scientifically proven that bariatric surgery, diet, and exercise together give you the best chance to lose excess weight and keep it off. A University of Michigan study showed you can lose 5 to 15 pounds a week during the first few months after surgery. In a year, patients can lose 40-80 percent of their excess weight after one year!

When you search for NY bariatric surgery or other “stomach surgery weight loss options near me,” know you’ll be working with one of the true expert New York bariatric groups in the field of New York Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Taking Care of Your Health is Your Business

There is nothing to be “embarrassed” about when getting bariatric surgery and you are not taking the “easy way out.” This is YOUR life and obesity is becoming accepted as the disease that it is. You will be making lifelong changes to your health–bariatric surgery is just the first step.

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The American Medical Association recognized obesity as a disease almost a decade ago and insurance companies are following suit. Millions of bariatric procedures have taken place in the past decade, including 250,000 in 2019. You are not alone–but when it comes to decisions about your health, you have the final call.

Are You A Surgery Candidate?

In general, bariatric surgery candidates should have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or higher, or a BMI of 30 or higher in combination with other obesity-related health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

The New York Minimally Invasive Surgery Assessment Is Risk & Obligation Free

Find Out If You Qualify For Bariatric Surgery!

Taking that first step can be scary, but it’s also full of anticipation. New York Minimally Invasive Surgery teams guide and support you through the process and we offer resources before and after the surgery that speak to you and your circumstances!

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But first–let’s make sure you qualify for our program! We have created an assessment form for bariatric weight loss surgery which can help determine which weight-loss solution is right for you. For example, gastric bypass surgery requirements will differ from gastric sleeve surgery requirements in some situations.

Our Proven Process Gives You The Best Chance At Losing Excess Weight And Keeping It Off

You’re going to have questions–and we have the answers! Our New York bariatric surgeons will evaluate your overall physical condition and mental health, the admin team will help with any insurance and scheduling questions you may have, and our support team will develop guidelines for diet and physical activity specifically for you.

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This ensures that you can safely undergo weight loss surgery and successfully adhere to the necessary diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes that are essential for long-term success. We are here for you from that first phone call to months and even years after the surgery.

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